Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite Edition

Team System Overview:

Whether you’re a development lead or a business stakeholder who depends on IT for business-critical applications, you know about application development challenges:

* Managing shifting business requirements throughout a project
* Communication gaps between project managers, developers, and testers
* Adequately testing applications for quality and reliability
* Gaining visibility into project status to make trade-off decisions and drive predictable project delivery
* Dealing with global development, regulatory, and compliance requirements

Sound familiar? These aren’t simple problems to overcome. Many are interrelated and involve multiple team members and stakeholders, sometimes from various professional disciplines. That’s when it’s time to step up to an integrated solution.With Team System, you can defy all these challenges – with fewer resources, in less time, and for less money.

See a dramatic, positive impact on your business by:

* Streamlining processes between team members
* Improving compatibility across applications and development environments
* Boosting projects’ success rates from the get-go
* Delivering high-quality solutions with your very first release

This is the Team Suite Edition:

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite provides the ultimate set of tools for every team discipline engaged in your project: architecture, design, development, database and testing. When every team is building their skill set and getting guidance at every step of the lifecycle, they’re going to be collaborating better than ever.


* A customizable ALM solution designed to address the unique needs of your organization
* Includes all four Team System client editions—Architecture Edition, Developer Edition, Database Edition, and Test Edition
* Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition (limited to five users)—the sophisticated underlying server that provides source code control, work item tracking, bug management, and many other features essential to successful application lifecycle management
* Powerful visual designers for sophisticated service-oriented solution modeling
* A complete set of quality tools for static analysis, code metrics, unit testing, code coverage, Web testing and database testing
* Performance tools to identify issues and optimize code
* Database development tools, including Schema Compare, to reduce risks associated with database schema changes, streamline changes and take control of your database
* Comprehensive support with a premier MSDN® subscription, which provides priority access to additional tools, updates and technical assistance

In addition, over 200 Visual Studio Industry Partners offer products to support a broad range of software processes, tools and platforms.

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